A revolutionary new way for children to embrace music and learn to love playing a musical instrument. 

A musical revolution

Music Squad delivers fun, in-school piano lessons to primary schools students - or Squaddies! Our music lessons are more joy-filled, exciting and engaging than anything you've seen before. 



Our quality and professional lessons are tonnes of fun (with 100% chance of silliness).



We create a welcoming environment where children feel confident to express themselves on their own terms.



Music is for everyone! We emphasise the enjoyment of making music with others, of all abilities.

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The Music Squad

Learning an instrument should be lively and fun! We emphasise the enjoyment of making music with others.

Music for
brain power

Did you know learning an instrument boosts well-being and can be considered a 'superskill'? Grab your cape and discover what learning a musical instrument can do for you and your child.

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I want to share the joy, friendship and adventure that music making can bring to all children.

Hannah, Chief Squadder

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