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 The Music Squad Difference 

Music-making that kids love

A bold, new approach to learning a musical instrument. 

How it began...

After graduating with a first-class degree in Music, Hannah got her first full-time job teaching piano in schools. But something didn’t feel right. 

The kind of teaching she was asked to do didn't reflect any of the fun or enjoyment she felt music was all about. The lessons were serious and one-dimensional, the material dull and unimaginative. Yawn!

Out with the stuffy, in with the silly!


Inspired by the adventure that Hannah knew music was supposed to be about, Music Squad was born! Music Squad exists to share the joy, friendship and adventure that music can bring to all children. 


So forget the stuffy, boring lessons of the past; Music Squad teaching is the kind of stuff that kids love. Let's get silly!


The Music Squad Difference

We like to think of it as BMS (Before Music Squad) vs. AMS (After Music Squad)… 


(Before Music Squad)


Learning an instrument is a lonely, one-dimensional activity often seen as a repetitive chore


Lessons are stuffy and formal


Daunting and intimidating


100% chance of seriousness


(After Music Squad)


Learning an instrument is lively and fun, with an emphasis on the enjoyment of making music with others


Lessons are fun, interesting and different


Relaxed and inclusive


100% chance of silliness


Original learning programmes 

Piano is a hard instrument to learn and can be a big journey for a small person - or even a big person! Our 'Squad Stars' series is a set of two books specifically written to guide Squaddies from day one to Prep Test with steady, unhurried progression to suit all abilities. The books are packed with 100% original tunes, lively lyrics, exciting puzzle pages, tonnes of duets and positive reinforcement at every step.

Underpinned by robust music theory and 15 years of teaching experience, the books have been carefully designed to maximise musical development without compromising on enjoyment. Because fun learning is good learning. 

A blended learning experience

Along with one-to-one tuition, we want children to fall in love with making music with others. The books encourage Squaddies to perform and play with their teachers and other Squad members and are packed with duets and improvisations. Whether performing at a small event at school or a show with other Squaddies, it's light, informal, always great fun and boosts confidence at a young age.

We are on a mission to provide fun and engaging music lessons that bring the immense value and joy of music-making to every child. It's a brand new way for children to embrace music and to learn to love playing a musical instrument as much as we do. Join the Squad today.

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