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 Squad HQ (Aka Schools) 

Always fun, never stuffy!

Fun and engaging music lessons for every child.

What you can expect from us

High-quality teaching with zero cost and zero admin to you. Win, win.

Well-being and community

Supporting child well-being and sense of community among peer groups


Clear confidence building and soft skills development in your students


High-quality teaching from a trustworthy and reliable team 


Complete confidence in the safety of your students

Zero cost

Brand new opportunity for students at zero cost to you

Zero admin

No extra admin. We communicate directly with parents and handle everything so you don't have to.


Mrs Brown, Music Lead - Benchill Primary School

"Music Squad have been very proactive since arriving in our school. They have been a great asset. They are very enthusiastic and this is contagious."

The National Plan for Music Education

All children should "experience a broad musical culture in school, accessing high-quality curricular and co-curricular music" ('The Power of Music to Change Lives - page 8)

In June 2022, the UK Government released a new, comprehensive National Plan for Music Education: 'The Power of Music to Change Lives'. It suggests a high-quality school music education consists of three distinct but interlinked areas. Ensuring broad, inspiring and accessible co-curricular provision is a key focus. 











The co-curricular plan emphasises several key areas that by working closely with Music Squad, you can make sure you hit. These are: inclusion and access for all (supporting children to leave lessons and using Pupil Premium to subsidise the cost), the opportunity to learn an instrument (including within an instrumental ensemble beyond a school choir) and opportunities for performance (peer-to-peer, to families and beyond school where possible). Contact Hannah today to find out how we can help you to tick as many boxes as possible.

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Ready to see the benefits in your school?

Music is a fantastic superpower and should be accessible to all children. We are always looking to work with new schools and would love to hear from you. Drop us a 'note' and we'll be in touch soon.

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